REP™ (Real-time Electrochemical Profiling)

Most of the biosensor publications describe only the results for proof of principle of the analyte detection using electrochemical biosensors and the number of studies performed using integrated systems with the necessary fluidics is quite limited. In addition mostly, the assay procedures are long, labourous and not suitable for automation. In response to that, we have developed a new detection technology, which we term Real-time Electrochemical Profiling (REP™).


While this technology relies on the fundamental basics of electrochemical immunosensing, in particular amperometry, it has several key features including a new electrode array, microfluidics based assay and real-time amperometric measurements during the flow of enzyme substrate. For the common flow injection electrochemical immunoassay platforms, initially in a separate container or fluidic system the enzyme immunoassay is performed, and later the reaction solution is sent to (usually) a bare electrode for the detection at a certain flow rate. However with the REP system, we were able to combine both steps together on one electrode surface. That distinguishes our sensing platform from other flow injection based electrochemical immunoassays. In addition, whole assay is performed during the reagents flow; therefore, there is no need to stop the flow either during the analyte binding or enzymatic reaction, hence the sensing can be achieved reasonably fast.

A new fully automated and microfluidics integrated biosensor MiSens has been developed that utilises REP technology for sensing.


Developed by: TUBITAK-BILGEM-Bioelectronics Devices and System Development Team