The smallest microfluidics integrated and fully automated electrochemical biosensor: MiSens ®

Here we describe a new integrated and fully automated lab-on-a-chip based biosensor device ‘MiSens ®’. The key features of the MiSens ® include a new electrode array, an integrated microfluidic system and real-time amperometric measurements during the flow of enzyme substrate.


For the device, a new plug and play type sensor chip docking station has been designed that with one move it enables the formation of a ~ 7 µl capacity flow cell on the electrode array with the necessary microfluidic and electronic connections. The MiSens ® device has been developed by our multi-disciplinary team by integrating and automatising the earlier developed sensing platform REP™ (Real-time Electrochemical Profiling).



While simple protocols such as prime and desorb can be controlled from the LCD display on the device, other main device control procedures can be run wireless by a tablet using the MiCont™ software developed by the team. MiCont™ interface enables user to create a list of assay steps that forms the test protocol. This protocol can be saved and re-used when needed. During data acquisiton the software shows the electrochemical measurements real time.